Project «The investment portal of the Ryazan Region’’ won in the final of the Russian national contest «PROF-IT.2014»

The final of the Russian national contest «PROF-IT.2014» was held on the 30th of May. Following the results of the voting, «The investment portal of the Ryazan Region» was acknowledged to be the best in «IT in providing connection between the government and society» nomination.

Minister of economic development and commerce of the Ryazan Region Vitaliy Larin presented this project. It offers the potential investors full spectrum of necessary information for potential investors in Russian and English languages. This portal includes the information about the region, regulatory system, a list of the preferences, presentations of territories for accelerated development. The core of this site is the interactive investment map. It provides information about all vacant sites in the region. It is updated by municipal formations on the everyday basis. Vitaliy Larin pointed out this this portal has been working for almost a half a year and now it has a thousand and a half visitors.

‘‘An investor visited the region after finding a vacant site on the portal. This is the proof that this project works and helps to provide connection between the government and the business. With this project we open doors for every investor to run a business in the Ryazan Region" says Vitaliy Larin.

Assistant director of the department of governmental regulation in economy of Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation Pavel Malkov pointed out that there is a need of development of the projects that are fit into federal policy on electronic government. "The excellent project of the investment portal was presented today by the Ryazan region. It was acknowledged the best in its nomination. I voted for it too. I think that it is an interesting and worthy project development.